Important notice about XTRA WordPress Theme

Dear Customers,

Recently Envato Marketplace (ThemeForest.net) in an unfair decision take our account and items down and did not answer us correctly why they made this decision?

We’re made a decision to sell our items in our website directly and provide our customers new updates and support from our website.

What you should do?

In this case there is 2 options, 

  1. Version 2.8.9 is stable version and you can ignore this notice and use this version for ever for free. (If you do not have this version please send your request and provide us your Envato purchase code so we will provide you this version.)
  2. Or if you want further Updates and Support you can buy a new license from us directly. (If you already bought our item from ThemeForest, you can refund your money from Envato.)

How can I buy new license?

You can buy new license from our website here: https://xtratheme.com

What is the benefits of new license?

  • Regular updates and further security updates 
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Access to new features in theme and plugins
  • Auto Update feature (one click update)
  • Access to new pre-built websites (New Demos)

How get a refund from ThemeForest?

You can send your refund request via here: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

How can I update my theme and plugins?

For the first time after buying license from our website, follow this update guide: http://theme.support/doc/xtra#update

For further updates, after you entered your new purchase code in your theme activation Dashboard > XTRA, you will be able to have automatic theme and plugin update just by one click.